Aaheli Publishers is a publishing house with more than twenty years of serious experience in quality publishing. With more than 100 titles on the list today. Aaheli publishers have been in the forefront to provide educational books based on the concerned syllabus. Aaheli’s aims and objectives have always been to quench the academic thirst of the students, teachers, and professionals and it has always been endeavoring to promote Indian authors both nationally and globally. It has a great team of eminent academicians all over the country especially from Bengal, Picking them from premier educational institutions, The eminent team of experienced and well-qualified authors is the strength of Aaheli Publishers: they are the soure of its success today.

Committed to working for uplifting the noble cause of education and to provide books of excellence to the students, Aaheli Publishers brings out every year new editions and new publications for the benefit of students and professionals. Bringing people and knowledge together is our core mission.

Its continuous commitment and endeavour of publishing quality books and meeting the curricular needs from school level to higher academic level (specially B.Ed, M.Ed, CBCS College Books), is evident from the quality of books being released every year.

All study notes/text books are screened time-to-time to update them with the present trend in the field occurring / happenings indigenously. (Form of scanner books). These books are unit wise/module wise/chapter wise, easy to learn and understand the method of the subject and also make intricate subjects a fun loving experience by putting the matter in a simple language.

Aaheli Publishers has published on demand of students, study notes cum text book for B.Ed, which has been much equally liked and appreciated by the students.

Aaheli Publishers expands its selling area in subsequent years in West Bengal, Tripura and also Sikkim, Odisha, through whole sellers, Distributors and Retailers, a well-established network so that students anywhere do not get upset for non-availability of the book at their location. We are reputed from prompt service and quality packing at the most competitive rates. We also supply library books on a wide range of subjects.

Quality education is the prerogative for every individual. Creating an environment which would foster innovation and growth for mankind, with that and all graciousness and warmth, we welcome you to this exciting journey to discover the kalcidoscope of knowledge and books with us. Please favour us with your feed back and share your ideas. We also gladly invite new, young upcoming authors to contact us with their original work.


  • To adopt an innovative transparent and honest approach to book publishing.
  • To empower the readers by broadening their horizon and authors by channelizing their ideas
    and thoughts.
  • To be an effective partner in the growth of self and intellect of the individual and the society.
  • To bear the responsibility for becoming a powerful agent of social change through quality


  • To provide talented and aspiring authors a platform on which to develop and succeed.
  • To trigger thoughts and to provide the readers with a bright picture of onward march in life.
  • To constantly evaluate own activities to achieve highest echelon in publication.
  • To be readers-friendly with a true value for money.
  • To maintain our goal to provide the reader with something new and beneficial with each

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Our books are written by highly qualified authors in the field of M.Ed/B.Ed and are edited for readability and understandability. We have books on all subjects covering masters and Bachelor of Education.

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